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Today, TNT Express is a global company, operating in 200 countries around the world



In 1946, the Australian Ken Thomas started building his modest company with only one truck, named Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT). Thanks to the hard work the company has become known for road and rail transport, and the night service which then, in the 1950s, was first used.

In 1967, TNT has established its first overseas activity - New Zealand, merging with Alltrans, one of the major privately-owned groups in the Australian freight transportation industry, and thus continued its growth. In less than 50 years, his company grew into a global enterprise, even operating its own fleet of aircraft.

By purchasing transport companies in Europe, North America and Brazil, TNT has gained a foothold in new markets, and thus to 1990, the number of employees reached 70,000. The intention to become a world player in transport has led to the need to expand and new investments. Then arises the collaboration with Dutch postal / telecommunications company, known as the Royal PTT Nederland NV (KPN).

In April 1998, TNT opened its state-of-the-art European Express Centre (EEC) in Liége, Belgium to process all freight consignments within Europe and became the air hub link with the rest of the world. It was designed to handle 1,000 tonnes of freight per night via dedicated sorting systems and units specifically for documents, parcels and aircraft containers. Later that year, in October 1998, a new international road hub and national depot opened in Duiven, the Netherlands.

In December 1998, TPG acquired the express company Jet Services S.A. in France. TPG bought 100% of the shares from Financiere Jet Services S.A. Founded in 1973, Jet Services provided express services in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, Hungary and Switzerland.

From 2005 to date, TNT has perfected and expanded its services thanks to its flexibility and drive to meet the needs of the market and our clients.


Where are we now

Wherever you need us. To date, TNT has partnered with many companies, and some of them are: Alltrans in Australia, KPN in the Netherlands, Jet Services in France, Hoau in China, Speedage in India, Merckúrio and Araçatuba in Brazil as well as LIT Cargo in Chile.

The result is undeniable influence of TNT. The company employs over 163 000 professionals throughout the world, who are trained to provide the best service to our customers and who are the reason that TNT has become known as the "Investor in People".

Also, we take seriously our social and environmental responsibility and coupled with our partners we initiate a large number of actions related to social and environmental issues. Together with UN World Food Programe, TNT fights against world hunger, in various aspects, while with the North Star Foundation we are fighting against HIV / AIDS pandemic in Africa. In August, 2007, Planet Me project was launched, an initiative to preserve our planet whose task is to reduce and care about CO2 emissions.


As a global company, we are aware of responsibilities for the society in which we operate. We strive to contribute to the well-being by making business decisions that have a positive impact on people and the planet.